Mark Brazil & Zegrahm Expeditions

For a large part of the year Mark Brazil is an expedition leader and on-board expedition naturalist/lecturer for Zegrahm Expeditions leading tours in Brazil, Colombia, South Asia (Bhutan, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka) and Japan. He works on board a range of expedition cruise vessels on a wide range of trips from the polar regions to the tropics, from the British Isles and Iceland to the Russian Far East, from the Mediterranean Sea to Japan's Inland Sea, and from Scandinavia to New Zealand.  

Mark's future and recent expeditions include:


Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgie

Snow Monkeys and Cranes of Japan

Wild Sri Lanka

Wild Hokkaido

Hokkaido to Kamchatka

Circumnavigaiton of Iceland


Wild India



(pending update)


(pending update)


Wild Southern India 8 January to 24 January with Mayumi Brazil

Snow Monkeys & Cranes of Japan 7-25 February 20th celebratory tour

Asia's Subtropical Isles: Philippines, Taiwan & Japan 11-29 March

Wild Alaska 6-20 July

Brazil: Rivers of the Amazonian Rainforest 19 September to 6 October

Sacred Traditions: Japan Revealed 13-31 October


Brazil's Pantanal 26 September to 14 October 2016 with Mayumi Brazil

Sacred Traditions: Japan Revealed 21 October to 8 November with Mayumi Brazil

Faces of Melanesia 17 November to 3 December


Despite all of his travels, his favourite expediton of all is close to home – in Japan.

Every winter Mark Brazil leads a very special tour of Japan that he designed expressly for Zegrahm Expeditions. This perenially popular tour is known as Snow Monkeys & Cranes of Japan, but includes much, much more, including not only the wildlife (birds and mammals) of this extraordinarily diverse archipelago, but also the incidental culture of this fascinating country. 

A recent participant, Ray Hamlyn, has presented several excellent videos from the 2015 trip for your viewing pleasure. These cover: Japan's Snow Monkeys; Japan's Cranes; Blakiston's Fish Owl, and Steller's Sea Eagle. Ray's videos give you insights into why this trip with   Zegrahm Expeditions has remained so popular for two decades.

Mark Brazil has six upcoming expeditions with Zegrahm Expeditions in the months ahead. If you'd like to learn more about them just follow this link.

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