Japanese Wildlife on Beer Labels Association

Unashamedly emulating the International Bird Beer Label Association (IBBLA) Facebook group, the Japanese Wildlife on Beer Labels Association (JWBLA) aims to collate images of brews that depict species found in the Japanese Archipelago.

Membership is purely honorary. If you would like to become a member you must:

1) Discover a previously unregistered species of beer with a bird, animal or plant shown on the label. (A new species is a beer not previously registered).

2) Photograph or scan the label and submit it to Japan Nature Guides (JNG) by email.

3) Send the original label (preferably still attached to a full bottle or can of the brew) to Japan Nature Guides (JNG) by mail.

That's it! Once we have received these details we will upload the images and add you to our role of associate members. What an honour!

So far this highly exclusive club has just two members. Find a beer with a bird or animal; join today, add JWBLA after your name!

Early JWBLA submissions

These remain to be located and logged to this site but include:

1) Tancho no Habataki found in Hokkaido, submitted by Mark Brazil (to IBBLA). Wildlife species: Red-crowned Crane.

2) Shiretoko Beer found in Hokkaido, submitted by Mark Brazil (to IBBLA). Wildlife species: White-tailed Eagle, Red Fox, Japanese Deer.

2017 New JWBLA Submissions

201701 Kamakura Beer found in Honshu, submitted by Mark Brazil. Wildlife species: Eurasian Tree Sparrow (?).







201702 Okinawa Beer found in Okinawa, submitted by Richard Cook. Wildlife species: Okinawa Rail.

Fully enrolled members of JWBLA

#1 Mark Brazil: Hokkaido (Beer Labels submitted 3)

#2 Richard Cook: Okinawa (Beer Labels submitted 1)

© 2017 Mark Brazil & Chris Cook

Last updated: 20170128