Mark is a prolific writer, constantly working on newspaper or magazine articles and books. He was Wild Watch columnist for The Japan Times from April 1982 to March 2015 and writer in residence for since 2010 and has written for a wide range of publications. He is open to commissions.

A back catalogue of Mark's articles in The Japan Times (1999-2015) can be found by going to the Wild Watch heading on this site.

Mark's most recent travel articles include:

20121104 Lake Shikotsu: A Hokkaido wonderland awaits

20120902 Man on a mountain

20111113 In the wake of the Vikings

20110529 Serendipities at every turn on this island 'pearl'

20091220 Tuning in to Alaskan bears

20090712 Japan's isle of exiles – and gold

Mark's most recent nature articles include monthly Wild Watch pieces published in 2015 and 2014 including:

20151231 Life at the Water's Edge

20151130 The Bird that Saved Me from Death


20130421 Nature art: It's in the 'I' of the beholder

20130421 Ski sortie takes a shrewd turn for the cuter

20130217 Dancing Demoiselles of the desert

20130120 Impossible forests where tides ebb and flow



20121021 Singing the praises of greenery

20120916 Living the botanical high life

20120819 The air around us is teeming with life – it's just too tiny to see

20120715 Slugs, Snails and Astonishing Tales

20120617 Rock on down to a Geopark near you

20120520 The Wonder of Feathers

20120415 Wild Watch Turns 30 This Month

Mark's most recent online articles include:

201207 Sika: The Whistling Deer