Birds of East Asia: The e-Book version is now available

The ground-breaking field guide to all the birds of Japan and all surrounding countries in the East Asia region is also available in an easy to carry digital format.

This must-have book for all birders visiting Japan, Korea, Taiwan, eastern China and the Russian Far East, is heavy in the pocket or backpack. With that in mind a new version of the first edition has been prepared.

The e-Book edition is now available via iTunes and via iBooks.

The e-Book edition includes all of the text, all of the illustrations, the maps AND sound files of vocalisations of most species in the book making it a must-have version for anyone birding with an iPhone or an iPad. It looks stunning on the latest iPads, with rapid page turning, swift access to illustrations and sounds and is in every way as user-friendly as the print field guide itself, with the added benefit of all of the embedded sounds.

It will also become available for Android tablets and smartphones, and e-readers (including Kobo, Sony and Nooks). For details and downloads visit Bloomsbury Publishing.

The Nature of Japan: From Dancing Cranes to Flying Fish

It has been a long time coming; 30 years in the writing and two in the editing and preparation for publication, but Mark's collection of essays The Nature of Japan: From Dancing Cranes to Flying Fish is now complete.

The sponsored edition was published late in 2013 and then published to the public in 2014, it is currently available directly from Japan Nature Guides, from various book shops around Japan, to visitors to Hisashi Masuda's exhibitions in Japan, and via WildSounds in the UK.

This selection of Mark's nature writings about Japan and its marvelous biodiversity is arranged seasonally and focusses on iconic species found in many parts of the Japanese archipelgo. 

The attractive line-drawings are all by Hokkaido-based artist Hisashi Masuda, who has done a masterful job of illustrating each and every chapter. 

The picture here is of a near final draft cover, not the final version. 

Book review of The Nature of Japan.

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Prologue: A brief walk on the wild side

Part 1: In Winter’s Grip

1: Sea Eagle Sunrise

2: Lords of Hokkaido

3: Messengers of the Gods and Mountain Monarchs

Part 2: The Rush of Spring

4: The Shape Shifters

5: Moon, Sun, and Stars!

6: Kimun Kamuy Lord of the Mountains

Part 3: In the Heat of Summer

7: Toki – the Japanese Phoenix

8: Slippers of the Gods

9: Gross Grails and Folk Tails

Part 4: Autumn into Winter

10: Golden Days and Silver Nights

11: Shimobashira, Shika and Shaké 

12: Angels of Winter

Part 5: Endings and Origins

Of Cherry Blossoms and Concrete

Appendix: Notes on Source Articles


Inside Back Cover: Biography 

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