Important Dates to Avoid Travelling in Japan

Japan's population is very mobile, but with limited holidays. When those holidays come around enormous numbers of people take to the road, clogging transport systems and filling accommodation far in advance.


The New Year period from 30 December to 4 January.

The Golden Week period from late April to the end of the first week of May.

The Obon holiday from 13-16 August.

Chinese New Year. 

With so many visitors coming from Asia it is also well worth avoiding Chinese New Year as this is now the busiest season of all. This holiday has a floating date, so check the calendar.

With the rapid rise in inbound tourism from four million to over twenty million visitors annually it is increasingly important to plan well ahead if you hope to have your preferred accommodation.

Avoid these key holidays and you will have a far more relaxed journey around Japan.

© 2017 Mark Brazil & Chris Cook

Last updated: 20171214