A Birdwatcher's Guide to Japan Online

by Mark Brazil and Chris Cook

A Birdwatcher's Guide to Japan by Mark Brazil was published in 1987 by Kodansha International in cooperation with The Wild Bird Society of Japan. Long out of print, it has become a collector's item, yet much that it contains remains accurate. Nearly thirty years after publication it continues to be used regularly by birders visiting Japan independently.

Taking that earlier publication as our basis we are preparing a new and up-dated, on-line version, A Birdwatcher's Guide to Japan Online, in which we we are steadily expanding the coverage from the original 60 sites of the original book to include the very many more sites of interest throughout the country.

This is very much a work in progress, and we welcome outside contributions. If there are sites for which you would like information, but which are not yet included, please contact us and we will update those as a priority.

If you would like to submit information for additional sites, updates to those listed, send photographs, or would like to purchase a signed copy of the original analogue book, please contact Japan Nature Guides.

© 2015 Mark Brazil & Chris Cook

Last updated: 20150311